The Benefits Of Celebrities Endorsing Brand Merchandise

 1. People like to see a familiar face associated with a 'Brand'

In todays’ world lets be real ‘A list’ celebrities are recognised to a high percentage of the world population – putting your brand on a ‘A list’ celebrity catches peoples attention and gives your brand huge exposure through social media reach and coverage that money can’t buy!

2. People want to be like the Celebrities.

In the current world of ‘instafamous’ (Instagram), celebrity stars fame and successes are inspirations to a large majority of their fans, so a lot of effort and changes to people lifestyles are modified to appear as close to the celebrity they adore and aspire to be like. Generally, celebrities would post a product they’re promoting on their social media pages and therefore if fans truly want to look like them or be more like them, they will buy whatever products they use.

3. Attract new customers

Stars with great reputation are prone to reaching more followers than stars with a negative perceived reputation. These celebrities have fans of all ages, which may benefit your brand being endorsed by them. Again social media plays a huge part opening up new fans to the brand companies that you may not be able to reach via traditional methods of advertising!

5. People remember the brand after seeing it on celebrities.

When you scroll through magazines, youtube, twitter, instagram, facebook, watching TV, watching Youtube and see a celebrity wearing or using products from a specific brand. They evoke an emotion in the viewer and therefore help to reinforce the brand as a must have accessory as they associate that with the celebrity they saw wearing or using the brand.

Here are 5 popular items that celebrities love to receive and use when given out by brands. The celebrities are often seen with these branded products when they are regularly papped!


  1. Baseball Caps / Snapbacks / Trucker Caps
  2. Tees & Hoodies
  3. Phone Covers & Tablet Covers
  4. Lollipops & Confectionary
  5. Notebooks



Posted on Tuesday, January 9, 2018 12:00 AM