Kingly Plant 4 Football Pitches Worth of Trees

Kingly embarked on a journey to combat deforestation and alleviate extreme poverty through a transformative partnership with Greenspark. Their intention was simple: to plant 10 trees with each order received, making a tangible difference in their fight for a greener, more sustainable future. In 6 months they have planted more than 7000 trees.

4 Football Pitches of Trees Planted

Through their commitment to tree planting, they have contributed to the creation of 3.99 football pitches' worth of lush greenery. This is keeping in mind that the average football pitch is 0.71 hectares and trees are planted at a density of 2,500 trees/hectare.

2.84 Hectares of Forest Area Rejuvenated

Their tree planting initiatives have rejuvenated an impressive 2.84 hectares of forest land. This thriving expanse serves as a sanctuary for biodiversity, offering habitats for diverse flora and fauna to flourish.

65.237 Tons of Potential CO2 Sequestered Annually

The impact of their tree planting extends beyond the boundaries of our forests, with the potential to sequester a staggering 65.237 tons of CO2 annually. By absorbing carbon dioxide, their trees play a crucial role in mitigating climate change and preserving the health of our planet.

Making a Sustainable Difference, One Tree at a Time

Each tree planted symbolizes a commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. By choosing Kingly, customers not only receive high-quality products but also contribute to a greener, more resilient world.

As they reflect on the past six months, they are inspired by the progress they have made and are energized by the impact yet to come. Together with Greenspark and their dedicated customers, Kingly are planting the seeds of change and cultivating a future where forests thrive, communities prosper, and the planet flourishes.

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