Wild Thang Chosen as a Showcase to Hightlight Their Unique Brexit Journey!

Wild Thang sometimes did not know whether to laugh or cry as they were chosen for a showcase case study video to highlight there unique Brexit journey by the Liverpool Chamber of commerce. 

The video gives a unique insight into both the real challenges but also how Wild Thang would like the government to help businesses, ending on a positive note about their growth plans for the future which may have had some influence on their nomination as a finalist for the Chamber International Award! 

Andrew Dwerryhouse Wild Thang MD was interviewed for the showcase and the whole team where incredibly proud to represent the manufacturing sector. Describing how they have navigated through what can only be described as the perfect storm through the Brexit challenges to not only survive but adapt and thrive, they hope that this can inspire other companies to do the same.  Wild Thang say that without doubt it’s been one of most challenging moments the company’s 25 year history, yet they have never been more excited about the future with plans to double their turnover and increase our staffing levels by 20-30% over the next 3 years. 

Andrew Dwerryhouse Wild Thang MD commented “It has been a roller coaster ride of a journey over the last 4 years but we were proud that our Brexit journey was featured by the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce, we appreciate being chosen & we genuinely hope it has a positive impact on helping other businesses navigate it, but also for the government policy makers and ongoing EU negotiations.”
“It’s a special moment to watch this & also showcase to our team as it really did give everyone a real sense of pride of how we have adapted and overcome the many Brexit  challenges. To not only have survived and thrived we have also stayed incredibly focused as a team on the future with big growth plans of doubling our turn over and increasing our staff levels by 20-30% over the next 3 years which include the opening of a European office in Dublin 
to facilitate better access into the EU.”

“Hopefully this mini video also showcases our £2m new world class HQ development that is nearing very final snagging completion before the final launch, this has been delayed many times due to the impact of  the World Wide Covid Pandemic which obviously has brought a huge amount of disruption and uncertainty in so many other ways. We really have to laugh when we look back or we would cry to have had three huge challenges for the price of one. We now believe we have passed through the eye of the storm and our team is now fully focused on getting excited about meeting future growth plans and delivering products and services across the UK, Europe and beyond that are truly world class at every level.”

There are a number of relevant links below that relate to the Brexit case studies across a number of sectors and also the details of the international award nomination Story. 
The voting for the International Award we have been nominated for closes today so we would appreciate your vote if you think our journey to overcome the challenges throughout Brexit was a positive one.  


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