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Special Interest Groups - British Manufacturing Group (BRIMAN)

The aim of this group is to support British Manufacturers and create an environment for export, marketing and sharing of ideas. If you currently have over 50% of your business in UK manufacturing you are eligible to join. See events for next BRIMAN group meeting.


Minutes of Briman Group

Chair: Richard Wildsmith (richard.wildsmith@spseu.com)
BPMA: Gordon Glenister
Guest: Robbie Jones (PSI) (robbie.jones@reedexpo.co.uk)
Venue: Copthorne Hotel, Slough, Bucks
Date: 12th May 2015


Cathy Anderson, Phil Scot, Paul Lenton, Sue Tugman, Andy Knight, Andy Goffin, Kelly, Dave Beese, Mark Alderson, Tony Phillips, Khalid Gaffar, Richard Wood, Lee Woodcock, Mandy & Steve Hastie, Tom Smyth, Ben & Gary Chamberlain, Mark Glanville, Geine & Tony Pressendo, Mike Gittins, Simon Adam, Penny Watson, Linda Broda, Sam Pearson, Brian Marshall, Graham Keyser, Richard Dyson

Three speakers:

Lesley Batchelor from the Institute of Export

(We are members of the IOE which includes an export helpline service – international trade courses are available at member rates)

Michele Roberts – National Apprenticeship Service (copy presentation)

Michelle Field - UKTI (copy presentation) List of UKTI Trade Advisors is available from Michele

1. What should the qualification criteria be for being a member of the group, and how can this be measured?
Over 50% manufacturered product in the UK – A suggestion was made to have an A and B list of members and an element of self certification. No concrete decision was made as to who should be part of this group and needs tighter clarity so these in the group and out of the group understand this. Definition from Trading Standards
“As far as the law is concerned, the words 'made in' mean to manufacture, produce, process or recondition the goods in question. Accordingly, we must ask whether that which took place in Britain resulted in a substantial change to the goods. If it did, the claim 'Made in Britain' can currently be made.” (See presentation event Presentation)

2. What are the measurable objectives for the group?

Face to face meetings, Quality of products, Level of advice/ giving reassurance to Buy British (need to be quantified though)

3. How can the group exploit our British made abilities to maximise potential in the UK and export markets?

Overseas PSI – look at how they promote the MADE IN GERMANY stance at the show. A strong pavilion promoting British products. This already exists for 2016 in the Innovation zone for a full stand of less than £2500. Magazine ads and mini magazines to promote the exhibitors. Funding options maybe available through Bpma as we are an ATO – BPMA going through the process now. Also opportunities to do events through UKTI – eg in Germany – British Consulate Dinners (meet the buyer or invest in European research that the group support - £2500 divided by 25 companies is very low versus one company) Use Briman group flags/cards at all UK shows maybe

4. Do group members also have to BPMA members, and should there be an additional charge for BRIMAN membership ?

Yes must be BPMA members and no extra cost but could use member offices or partner companies eg Croners (legal helpline) venues to engage with. However any marketing costs for promoting this eg catalogue – would need to be shared. A suggestion to focus on a British Manufacturer in the new magazine was mentioned.

5. How do we want to use BRIMAN to promote our businesses, and should we create a logo to help with this?

Overseas PSI – look at how they promote the MADE IN GERMANY stance at the show. A strong pavilion promoting British products. This already exists for 2016 in the Innovation zone for a full stand of less than £2500. Yes to a logo and strapline to move forward needs to incorporate the UK flag within it.

6. What do the group see as the medium to long term future for British manufacture as part of the promotional product marketplace?

High but needs to continue to invest in.

7. How can members of the group mentor other members with the benefit of their experience?

Mentoring can be driven by networking more – a suggesting was made to have a Members Directory for the BRIMAN Group that shares a range of expertise from each company.

8. How often do members want the group to meet, what subjects would you want to add to the agenda, and where is a suitable location?

Twice a year – the group would come back to with suitable questions – Also the Linkedin forum has a separate group set up for shared communication.

Feedback comments:
  • Good to see the BPMA help UK Manufacturers - how we can share ideas and best practice
  • UKTI presentation was very informative
  • Apprenticeships – recruiting new member of our team
  • Group discussions really were good not enough time for this
  • Delighted that UK Manufactured recognized
  • A further reminder what UKTI can do
  • Too much emphasis on export
  • Maybe one speaker would be enough
  • Group discussion most valued part
  • Understanding the importance of the event and purpose of briman is primary
  • An interesting mix of speakers and members.
  • Using Made in the UK as a marketing opportunity

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